Monday, May 26, 2008

Thanks for the Memories

This is one of our first official hang outs in KL.
It sorta all started here.. Alicia's 17th birthday party.
XiaoTung, Mun Xiew, Wei Jian, Uitee & Yung Yao.
Party would be nothing without them~
Way before the party started.. Alicia asked them to fill the balloons with water, and guess what they did...
How artistic....... *shakes head*
Later on...
Eat, Swim, and.. err.. gym? yeaa. HAHA.
Yay. We love each other :)
More gym pictures.. posers wey. :P

Haaaha. Alicia's first candled chicken wing . Lol.
After all the cleaning up, throwing each other in the pool, oh and they named themselves DBI for some reasons.. bragging bout true friends and all. .
yes yes. Alicia gets all of your sarcasm. 
And yes, she can say it again. She lovessss all of you. hahaha.

After the partayyy..
the night is still young! Lol.
Drove to subangggg.. and...
and this is what the joker mun xiew got.. urgh.
And what Alicia got after the pool party..

But who cares? we are still happy :D

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