Monday, May 26, 2008

*Grand Openingggg :D*

*Finallyyyyy* ! Phewww~ :D:D:D:D:D
I never blogged, never thought i ever would and now when I finally started.....
Here it is! And hold on, not exactly MY blog as you can see, its OUR blog ( all the names above..waittt. probably not all of them :P )
And yes, jokers sekalian, this is my crazy idea to start this. 
* Thank me bcoz my idea rocks :P *
And this blog will be FINAL.
Live with it if you think the blog URL is sucky. I DONT care :P:P
You guys never contributed but just complained anyway. lalalala~
but it tells what we do all the time right?
We LIVE ( obviouslyyyy...) , Love ( haaaha. yeaa . We do love in 'different' ways ), EAT (all the time, all the time and i can say that again) and Laughh ( thanks to all the jokers, without fail)
Oh btw, everyone, im Alicia. HAHA.
Ok, let me begin.
Most of us knew each other since high school, and some since primary school, and hey! we are all from Ipoh wey. 
Seriously, i never thought that we would keep in touch until today..
Hey but SERIOUSLY, we dont hang out as often as we do NOW than before, and worse, some just got to know each other NOW although we are all from Ipoh. LoL.
Who ever thought that this will come to past? Not me and xiaotung, at least...
Ok, back to the point..
And currently, we are all scattered in different places already, from Subang, to Damansara, and Nilai , Kampar to Ipoh ( soon to be Tronoh as well HAHA ).
And soon before long, most of us will be in different parts of the world.
Okayy, this will get emotional, but it is true.
Memories would be left behind. But dont worry :) 
Let's get started and let it stay hereeee :D
Okk. getting serious already.
Listen UP!
Guess what actually strike me to start this.
Yes, despite our interesting& crazy hang outs and you jokers doing lame but hilarious acts,
but the main reason is because..
Okay, its time to tell, and *she* agrees.
our *hot* girl is leaving superbly soon.
Yes! Yew Xiao Tung. Now you understand why she is always not going to college these days..
and ALWAYS staying in ipoh. 
She being naughty ponteng class? Laziness? Teasing her, " Xiaotung, did you ever enrol in HELP?"
Being SUPER kind donating mirrors, dustbin, FOOD n etc. . .  too all the jokers in Subang especially KEI YAN who always need a LONG mirror since the minute he stepped into SS15.
So now u get the answer.
She STOPPED HELP. Leaving to US very soon.
And SOON after i knew that, 
u realised that I take superbly lotsa pictures for no reason?
So yes, thats the reason. I realised that time is picking up while we are still holding back.
And i KNOW that these memories will always make us laugh about when we reminisced them.
Truly great times together, and MORE to come, 
Before our turn to leave. 
( which is veryyy sooonn too... )

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