Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Back to hometown- IPOH :D
A great weekend to start with -
Friday night we  headed to the one and only Starbucks :-
Ui tee, Jao Ern, Wei Jian, Yung Yao and the two girls, as usual, Alicia&Xiao Tung. :D
Dont know why we chose starbucks, its as if we had not enough of that in KL. o.O
nvm bout that... it was tai kar che aka Xt's idea.
Gossips, as usual. 

1st main topic:Jao saw hot twins in Inti and it 'seems' (ahem ahem) they were the new intake studying foundation in engineering. All of us were excited for Yau Kin as he was starting that course in Inti. TWINS pls. HOT TWINS it seems. Cant get one of them? No fear.. therez still chance to get the other right? How lucky Yau Kin was, we thought...

Alright, i will continue with that later on.. HAHA.

Next topic : Accidents. We were talking about when Alicia would get her license.. to how many   accidents that all of us have met before. Jao, known for his speeds.. erm speeds in driving.. "He drives his Myvi like how Michael Schumacher drives Ferrari, " said Wei Jian. Lol. Jao was saying about how he never got into any accidents before, while Yung Yao was warning us to stop this topic because both his friends met into an  accident the day after they bragged about not gotten into any before.

Later on at night, Jao had this crazy idea to climb Kledang hill. 
Because of Alicia's daily routine -the food after food, eating and never exercising, she dengan semangat yang membara-bara wana exercise - so this crazy idea became a brilliant idea =D haha.
The very morning, with full of hope to burn some calories.. she thought... so we went!
Known for speeding when he drives, he surprisingly drove very safely that morning.
We weren't very sure where the hill was, but we managed to get there.. but then, suddenly,
His first accident. A car knocked his from behind.
Hmmm, scary but hilarious at the same time..
Plan not succeeded again. For God's sake, the hill was right infront of us okayyyy.
Nvmmm, thinking bout it, it's sorta hilarious la :P
OH and sooo, its true. Dont brag bout not getting into accidents before weyyy. LOL.
And he wasbcomplaining bout driving safely but look, this's what happens, BUT never met into any accidents when he speeds. LoL. Oh boy, Jaooo,  dont have this mindset :P DRIVE SAFELY.

All in all, what a morning..
Later on at night,
Next outing : As usual, the 2 girls & the other boys.
Alicia, Xiao Tung, Mun Xiew, Kanesh, Yao, Uitee, WeiJian & Jao.
Went to East to yum char, then to pologround for midnight walk :P with McFlurry, and sundaes. Yummyyyy. Alicia couldnt burn calories, but added more of them :( forget it. haaha.
Eat first :D
Some of the boys chickened out, so we din get to walk one whole round..
Yea.. the boyss.. :P:P
And after that, some of us headed to mamak. 
And now, Ui Tee started the idea to go to Kledang Hill this time & make it happen!
Lol. Alicia couldnt go this time, as she had family outings.
But all of them din make it as well, sleepy pigs couldnt wake up and climbing hill plan became eating breakfast.
So now, wondering what my title actually gotta do with this post?
yea Alicia really meant NO FATE. NO FATE in climbing. NO FATE in exercising.
Sighhh. Too bad.......

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