Thursday, May 29, 2008

Always be my baby :DD

I just want to and NEED to post this :D LOL.
Mates, pls, love it!
This is mariah's version. One of her 90's pop hit. No doubt, shez amazing :)

And this is what David Cook did during the recent American Idol.

Wow, he IS UNdeniably amazing too! So utterly creative & talented of him to modify her 90's pop song to such an orignal, rock one. Like what Mariah said "..and he made me proud as a songwriter like oh this song can STAND the test of TIME and also like..a MALE perspective. I think it will be a hit for him, not from a selfish point of view, but from a selfish point of WANTING to HEAR it" SO TRUE. Even she said that. What else should we say? Oh boy, is he good! and now it becomes a hit again baby.
Alicia is addicted to it. Mates, you better be. HAHA. UITEE said he dont really like it. Acquire it and start to LIKE IT NOW :P:P HAHAHAHAHAHA.

And the studio version. :) damn good. David cook rockssss :D:D:D (sorry xt :P)

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