Monday, May 26, 2008

Mun Xiew's new chick - Megumi~~~~~~~

4th April 08:
Our 2nd outing together :- headed to Chilis for dinner!
This time it was Mun Xiew, Jao Ern, Wei Jian, Uitee, Yao, Alicia and Xiao Tung.
lovin' it. Sadly, no pictures taken.
I mean.. when did we ever take pictures together?
Super rare.. just until recently, because  you know why....
 so its time to treasure memories together..
Aight, back to the topic.
As usual, Eattt.. Yummy.. and and gossip, jokes, and SUDDENLY..
horror stories started creeping in. MUNXIEW started it. I AM PRETTY SURE.
But everyone got so into it, and so excited bout it..
Someone suggested to catch a horror movie! Shutter! Haaha. We got all excited, paid the bill and off we went to both GSC & TGV . Disappointment after disappointment.. No 'Shutter' movie shown during midnight.
So last chance, off to Cineleisure.. But too bad. Oh well, same went to Cineleisure.
Super wet blanket.
Plan did not work out, turned out to yum char in MuRni.
Alright, we never thought of taking pictures..
but we took videos. LOL. That was while waiting for Jao Ern.. we did this.. LoL
And other people would say," This kids really hav ntg better to do...."

The end~ hahaha.
Oh wait, not the end yet.
Our 'Shutter' spirit was still flying high. Lol.
Finally, we watched it the nxt morning in Sunway Pyramiddd.
Megummiiii~ the guys screamed more than the girls. xD
Jokers. Holding the bible while watching the movie.
Lifting it high when the Ghost appears!
Thank God, thats why we are still safe now :D:D
Oh yeaaaa. Not forgetting Mun Xiew's eagle eyes. Now influencing the other guys, and xiao tung as well.
Eagle eyes, ALL THE TIME. without fail, that made him created a new word for Alicia - 'K' Time.
Now almost everyone observes & knows about it. THANK YOU FOO MUN XIEWWW.

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